30 Awesome Free Fonts for Creatives

As a creative, I’m always looking for some gorgeous new fonts to use in my work. Since my primary creative focus right now is blogging, I use fonts mainly for my WordPress featured images and Pinterest images. Today, I want to share 30 of my favorite creative fonts. While I use these for blogging, I’m sure they would suit many different types of creative projects. And even better, they’re all FREE. I always appreciate when bloggers share their resources, and I love sharing mine too! Blogging is all about showing support and sharing the love.

Here are the links to download each font:

Arabella // Angelface // Bakery // Ballerina Script // Bromello // Cavorting // Channel // Chasing Embers // Debby // Gardenia // In Screaming Color // Journal // Lily Script One // Magnolia Sky // Marguaritas // Marker Felt // Mightype Script // Milkshake // Modesty // Morva // Noteworthy // Nouradilla // Pennellino // Savoye LET // Shoreline Script Bold // Signpainter // Smoothie Shoppe // Snell Roundhand // Sophia // Zapfino

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  1. Thank you for sharing your creativity and the links to these fonts. You have a new follower here as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

    I love being inspired by other’s creativity and motivated by their lifestyle. Looking forward to following you 🙂

  2. I am new to your site I am having trouble with downloading a set of 30 fonts. When it downloads is it supposed to go into your system so you can use them whenever or which ever program you are using. I do a lot of cricut work. and windows Please let me know.

    1. Hi, Beth! I’m happy to help.

      In this post, each link leads to a different font. To download a font, you have to go to the specific link for that font and find the button to click to download it. After you click “Download,” the .zip file with the font in it should download to your computer. Then, what you need to do is open up the .zip file and locate either the .otf or the .ttf file. This file will contain the font file. Just double click that and it should install the font for you.

      Please let me know if this helps. If not, I’d be happy to assist you further. You can either reply to this comment or email me at samantha@styleofchange.net.

  3. Hi! I have a Windows computer and am not able to download any of the fonts throught the dafonts website it directs you to… Any advice? Also what application do people normally use these fonts in? Thanks a lot,

    1. I’m not sure what your specific problem is, but I’ll try to help! What exactly is going wrong with the website? And you can use the fonts in a lot of different applications. I do a lot of my graphics in Photoshop, so that’s mainly where I use them.

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